Andrew’s Vision for Bus

Andrew’s Vision for Bus

My vision for the continued future of bus is to keep customer service at a high.

Customer service with high expectation and kept consistent. This means our customers will keep using us and tell everyone about how good the service is.

I would like to see more people leave their cars at home and choose bus which in turn helps reduce emissions, congestion and the environment. Bus has to continue to be the hub of communities and we need to support this.

I think COP26 [the UN global climate negotiations] coming to Glasgow will be amazing. It’s great for the bus industry in Glasgow as we’re changing from diesel to electric and not just a few buses, almost the entire fleet!

Glasgow’s air is about to become much cleaner and we’re able to shout about it. Glasgow has always been seen as a typical industrious, gritty city so this shift to electric buses is a massive benefit to the City. We are the pioneers in the UK and we can show others how its done and I hope we see more following suit.

I’m looking forward to the new electric buses, I’ve not yet driven one but I’ve heard good things. The closest I’ve been to driving an electric bus is the hybrid buses. We don’t need new training to drive these buses but with any new model we will go through a familiarisation process so we know where everything is. Something I’m looking forward to!

If I could influence or change behaviours or anything I would ask people when they are considering a commute into the city whether they could consider the bus instead. Its cheaper and greener to use the bus. Even the suburbs have good service links, so save car journeys for the longer, harder to reach places that are not served by public transport.

The bus industry is such an important industry that we need to support and keep it going. For some time its been a declining industry overtaken by cars and others modes of transport but now we see the health and environmental benefits of using bus in our communities. It’s good to see more routes coming in and especially in more rural areas where it is so important. We need to keep this momentum going…!

Just for fun, here’s a story from recent experience..

A customer hails the bus, the bus stopped and the doors open. The customer pops is foot on the bus step, ties his shoe lace and shouts thanks very much driver and off he walks!!