Ewan’s hopes for Bus and COP26

Ewan’s hopes for Bus and COP26

If I could add one thing to improve bus...

If I could add one thing to improve bus I think I’d add the option of on-street ticketing especially in city centres where passengers can purchase tickets on street before they alight the bus, this would speed up the load time of bus especially in busy times in city centres.

We know many already use contactless or have passes but for those still using cash or want to purchase in advance whilst they are waiting for the bus to arrive , this would make busier times much more efficient.

Its exciting to hear about the COP26 Climate negotiations coming to Glasgow. There’s a lot to talk about but I hope bus is at the forefront of those solutions for the climate emergency.

Buses take so many cars and emissions off the road and it needs to be a worldwide discussion, not just here, so I hope it is discussed to a larger extent. Our next batch of electric buses are scheduled to arrive by then too and seeing the continued work upgrades to accommodate these is exciting.

One thing I’d like to encourage more is people to leave their car at home and take a bus. I know not everyone is served by a regular service but many are and for those than can, taking the bus would take so many more cars off the road, reduce emissions and conges,on, and help the environment.

People might even discover they like it too!