Guest Blog: Greig MacKay, Director for Scotland, Bus Users UK

Guest Blog: Greig MacKay, Director for Scotland, Bus Users UK

Bus Users UK: Catch the Bus Month 2022

Throughout September we’re celebrating the bus – that vital lifeline that improves air quality, reduces congestion, brings communities together and provides access to life’s opportunities.  It’s also a chance to promote Scotland’s Under 22 free concession card scheme, to encourage more young people to travel by bus. 

Most of us have now returned to our daily lives but bus passenger numbers have not reached the levels they were before the pandemic. During Catch the Bus Month we’ll be working with partners and stakeholders across the UK to deliver events, run campaigns and generally raise awareness of the huge social, economic and environmental benefits of the bus. We want to get people back on board and encourage those who have never tried the bus to give it a go.  

At Bus Users we regularly hear from passengers about the importance of their local bus services and how vital they are in getting them to work, school, medical appointments, shops and leisure activities. All of this contributes to the local economy and ensures that all of us can lead active and fulfilling lives.

Switching to the bus also massively reduces the number of vehicles on our roads, not only improving congestion but cleaning the air in our towns and cities. In recent years, Scotland has seen significant investment in greener bus fleets with many routes now fully electric. 

Throughout Catch the Bus Month Bus Users UK will be running events across Scotland including at student fairs for the new academic year, public consultations, city centre events to promote new, green investment in buses and much more. Keep an eye on our social media feeds and our website for updates on events in your local area and join us in Whithorn on 5 September as we kick off Catch the Bus Month. If you have any events or campaigns planned yourself, please let us know.

Get on board for #CatchTheBusMonth and help us celebrate these climate-friendly, people-connecting, congestion-busting, economy-boosting lifelines!