Rishabh: ‘Bus is my second home’

Rishabh: ‘Bus is my second home’

Rishabh recently completed his MSc in Quantitative Finance at Strathclyde University, Glasgow, and has been working with the #lovemybus campaign, helping to spread the love for buses.

“Bus has been my second home. I wake up, have my breakfast and then leave to take the bus to work – and I often used to take it to my uni classes as well. For the journey, I like to keep my coffee flask while I enjoy reading some articles.

Bus also helps me to save time and money. It’s not just for me that the bus is an important part of life. Thousands of people love the bus because it provides affordable, comfortable and sustainable travel.

Many of these people I met while working with the #lovemybus campaign. For the past six months I have been helping to promote bus use across Scotland and the benefits of using the bus. I have learned that the bus is more than just a means of transport for many people. They rely on buses to get where they need to be, but they also choose buses over cars to help the environment.

Through the #lovemybus campaign, we have been involved in dozens of events. From Freshers’ fairs at universities to street festivals and climate-based events, we have been spreading the love for buses. The feedback from the public has been very positive.

Sometimes we hear some complaints. For example, some people mentioned that the buses are usually late. I always say that in these kinds of situations, we should try to make the most of our time. Weather and traffic can be unpredictable, and this can affect bus routes and schedules. So why not spend this time meeting other commuters? Or catching up on emails? Reading the news? You could even grab a hot cup of coffee. As James Geary said, ‘In the margin for error lies all our room for maneuver’.

I’m very proud to be part of the #lovemybus team and excited to see the positive impact we can make on the environment. If you’re a daily commuter or just looking for an affordable and comfortable journey, give buses a chance and join us in spreading the love for buses!”