Stress free and family updates

Stress free and family updates

I have a total reduction of stress, even compared to the train, you have so much more space and it is so much more relaxing.

The #lovemybus champions are taking the bus for a whole year from Kilmarnock or Ayr to Glasgow and reporting back on their experiences.  The champions will share what taking the bus means for their daily routine and the stories and anecdotes that they find on their journey.  Scott has had an incredible journey over years commuting on the express bus and even met his wife on the bus!

How is your journey going? 
It’s been pretty good. Travelling up to Glasgow, with the schools being back it has slowed down a little in the traffic, but maybe only 10 minutes. The level of service is very consistent, you always get a seat, generally you get two to yourself.

It’s great for me as I don’t work set hours so if I am 5 minutes late, it’s alright really.

Is any of the shared information interesting/of news to you? 

I don’t think I found any of it surprising, because it is something I have always felt. I was driving my car to the shops the other day and I got caught in traffic and thought to myself, how could anyone do this every day? It goes by a lot quicker if you are not stressed by driving.

I have a total reduction of stress, even compared to the train, you have so much more space and it is so much more relaxing. Where I live now the bus stop is right outside my house, but before I moved it was a 10-minute walk to the stop and I could definitely see the health benefits of walking to the bus stop.

What are you enjoying most about your journey?
The opportunity to relax really. It’s been great as my wife has been giving me calls on the bus, which I cannot do while driving, and updating me on how the baby is doing. But aside from that I normally am on my phone and check through some apps.

Has there been any challenges on your journey? 
Nothing Jumps to mind, but sometimes the bus times can be a bit variable, but you just accept it. It’s a very minor gripe.

Any other stories?
One day I had to leave work a bit earlier and got the bus at a different time from usual. By doing that I ended up on the bus with someone that I used to go to school with who I hadn’t seen for years. So, I managed to have a good hour long catch up on the bus. Which is something that probably wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t getting the bus.