What is the evidence

Here you can find evidence to support you, and to share with friends, on why planning to switch to bus is a smart choice – for you, wider society and our planet.

From the beginning of #lovemybus, we have been delighted to work with Professor Adrian Davis from Edinburgh Napier University’s Transport Research Institute.

In our first year, Professor Davis provided evidence supporting six key benefits associated with bus travel – health, saving money and time, me-time, relaxation, clean air and planet.

He has continued to inform on the role of bus in a just, green recovery and his work has been complemented by further detailed insights into the role of bus in recovery from Chris Cheek, respected bus expert, adviser and author.

We continue to publish new evidence! Catch it all here.

Our original evidence

When it is time to return to regular journeys, here are some of the fantastic reasons to choose bus – for your health, for our communities and planet.

Click on the infographics to see the evidence from Professor Adrian Davis.