Scottish Bus Week 2023

Monday 22 May – Sunday 28 May 2023

Scottish Bus Week is an opportunity to celebrate bus and the role it can play as a solution to the biggest challenges we face.  It is also a chance to show gratitude to those working in bus who provide essential services every day.

What is Scottish Bus Week?

Scottish Bus Week is an opportunity for everyone to celebrate bus!

An initiative from #lovemybus, it has been supported by Paths for All and partners – including First Bus, Stagecoach Bus Scotland, Lothian Buses, Borders Buses, West Coast Motors, Glasgow Citybus.

Scottish Bus Week 2023 is an opportunity for everyone to get involved!

In 2023 the #lovemybus team will be in different towns and cities across Scotland throughout the week.

If you would like to join in Scottish Bus Week 2023 with an event at your workplace, school or campus or with a focus on bus locally – do let us know!

Schools and youth groups can download a pack today with a presentation, games and activities to get involved with a #lovemybus session:

Why Celebrate Bus?

Now is a great time to show support for our buses in Scotland to keep services thriving, reducing congestion and emissions.

Buses can be a solution to challenges right now.

Buses can help us to improve health, tackle the climate emergency, build a fairer transport system and improve access to opportunities.

While buses can reduce emissions, air pollution and inequalities across our communities, they also make a significant contribution to our economy. Scotland manufactures low and zero emission buses. Investment in building buses and providing bus services creates good jobs. Buses reduce congestion which can cost Scotland £2 billion a year. Buses connect us for education, work and leisure.

Buses kept us connected throughout a pandemic and continuing to provide essential services.

Scottish Bus Week is a great moment to show our gratitude to all those who support and deliver our bus services throughout all the challenging times.

 How can we get involved?

If you, your workplace or local group would like to take part in Scottish Bus Week 2023 your own way – with a celebration of bus, a presentation about all the benefits of bus or a fun challenge to encourage your team to choose bus

All can improve health and reduce climate emissions! Do let us know so we can include you in the Programme!

Free presentations, goodies and pop up displays are available on request.

Get involved and tag us in your actions…

#ScottishBusWeek, #ChooseBus #lovemybus and for those featuring the connections with active travel – #WalktoBus and #WalkCycleBus

Watch out for competitions and events online too!

For enquiries about Scottish Bus Week 2023, contact

Sign up for support materials

To request a support kit, digital toolkit, posters and stickers for Scottish Bus Week or a pop up display for your workplace on all the benefits of bus – please get in touch via the online form below!

Scottish Bus Week 22nd - 28th May 2023

Buses are a solution to challenges right now.

Bus can improve health, tackle the climate emergency and support a fairer transport system.