Share Your Stories and Vision

Scottish Bus Week is all about bus – and it is an opportunity for everyone to get involved.

It may be that you are choosing bus, planning a low cost day out by bus, sharing benefits of bus and what you love about bus on your social media or with your colleagues and friends!

Bus can do so much to help us become a fairer, healthier, greener, stronger Scotland. There are lots of the opportunities but also challenges to be tackled as we return to regular travel patterns.

#lovemybus would like to invite you to share your stories about bus and your vision for bus in Scotland.

It might be a story of your experiences of a journey, a story of a bus driver or customer services operator who made an extra effort for you, a story from the pandemic, or it might be an idea that could help other people to feel more confident about using buses.

Whatever your contribution, do share it here and we will gather these up to share an insight of stories and vision from across Scotland to be shared after Scottish Bus Week!

Scottish Bus Week 22nd - 28th May 2023