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Join Scotland’s #lovemybus Revolution.

This is an incredibly important time for Scotland. As the country opens back up, many of us will be wondering what the “new normal” will look like. But why settle for normal?

Now is the perfect time to be part of our positive nationwide #PlanToChange. After all, “normal” is what got us here – normal health, normal economy, normal society, and normal sustainability. And we’ve all seen how fast it can unfold.

Scotland doesn’t need more normal. Scotland needs everyday heroes to speak up and take action wherever possible. People like you, who recognise how small decisions we make each day can totally change the game. Because right now, in one way or in many, we’re all losing.

From the Highlands to the Borders, Scotland is calling on you to live a healthier lifestyle, strengthen the economy, ensure a fair and just recovery for all, and support a sustainable green future.

Now, that might feel like a lot to ask. But you have the power to do it all with one very simple, very impactful choice.

#PlanToChange from car to bus – for a healthier, stronger, fairer, greener Scotland.

Join the #lovemybus revolution.

#PlanToChange and Champion Bus.

We want to see huge numbers of people choosing bus across Scotland. But a big rise in demand could lead to a few bumps in the road. Particularly while social distancing continues, there could be fewer seats available than normal, so buses might be full.

Please stick by Scotland’s buses as we bounce back from Covid.

Try to plan a little more time into your journey to be safe, and remember there are more ways to be part of the #lovemybus revolution than just riding the bus.

Stay up to date on latest guidance here:

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Choose bus over car whenever and wherever you can in daily life.


Champion the benefits of bus over car when you chat to friends and family.


Contact your council and MSP to show your support for prioritising buses in your area.

Here you can find evidence on why planning to switch to bus is a smart choice – for you, wider society and our planet

The bus provides many benefits to society

Buses keep communities connected. This connectivity was disrupted during the pandemic. This disruption is particularly damaging for those reliant on bus use for work and social connectivity in ultimately protecting their physical and mental health. More broadly, essential car users and other mode users required buses to provide a service to many who might otherwise drive and so add to congestion.