Book a #lovemybus pop-up event

Campuses and universities in Scotland can book a pop-up-event from the vibrant #lovemybus campaign.

We promote the benefits of buses and the Under 22s free bus pass, creating awareness about choosing the bus for a stronger, fairer, greener, and healthier Scotland.

We deliver an engaging and fun experience through information leaflets, colourful banners, stickers, love heart boards, badges, and sweets.

Together with #lovemybus your campus/university can help engage more people to choose for a safer, more affordable, and sustainable way of travelling.

  • “I have a free Under 22 bus card. I use it to go on the bus to the beach every weekend, and I love having it” – Riley, 17

  • “I have my Under 22 bus card, and it has been really helpful as I don’t have a lot of money and it allows me to get to and from college and I really love having it” – Tyler, 19

  • “I have an Under 22 free bus pass, and it is very beneficial for me as I use it to get to college and I rely on it very much for many usages such as travelling, shopping, and attending appointments out of my town. I am grateful to be provided a free ‘ride’ to places as money issues can be a problem” – Emily, 19

  • “I enjoy the free bus travel as I rely on it to get to college and work, and it is very helpful because it’s free and easy to use” – Alistair, 18

  • “I love taking the bus as it gives me the freedom to go wherever I like. I mostly use it to get home from college as both my parents work, and the bus makes it easier on both and myself. I especially appreciate the U22 free bus pass as I would be unlikely to afford to use the bus as often as I do” – Chevron, 18

  • “I have my Under22 travel card, and I use it to travel to Aberdeen for family and I love it and it’s very useful for everyone” – Sophie, 18

Check out the latest campuses and universities that #lovemybus visited in Scotland: