Iasmim: “Buses are an essential part of my life”

Iasmim: “Buses are an essential part of my life”

Iasmim is a Science Communicator and recently completed her Masters in Science Communication at the University of Edinburgh.

She is from Brazil, loves travelling and experiencing different cultures.  She has been working with the #lovemybus team, helping to promote the benefits of bus across Scotland.

“Buses have always been a part of my life. They were essential to get me where I wanted or needed to be. As they are the cheapest, most accessible and reliable means of transport, I always choose buses for my journeys around Brazil, Scotland and many other parts of the world, as I love to travel.

For me, buses have always had a way of making every journey special. I am full of happy memories – old and new – of my experience with buses. I remember when I took the bus in my hometown in Brazil to take the exam that guaranteed my admission to university. I also remember when I used to go to school by bus in the morning and in the afternoon for my first job as an assistant in a photography studio.

I have happy memories of the multiple times I took the bus to go to tourist attractions with my family, or the times I went to the cinema with my boyfriend, and even the time we were travelling all over the city by bus trying to find a restaurant with an available table to spend Valentine’s Day.

Buses represent good stories and experiences in my life. Recently, buses have become my work.

I first met the #lovemybus campaign in May 2022 when they were recruiting team members to help promote Scottish Bus Week. I remember thinking, ‘Well, I understand buses. I have empirical experience and now study science communication and I want to help get more people involved in using sustainable transport with fewer emissions than cars, like buses.’ I decided to get involved in the campaign immediately. Since then, not only have I discovered an amazing world about zero-emission transport, but a whole Scotland!

I travelled the country from north to south, the borders, urban and rural areas. I visited places I never knew existed. I met people from all over Scotland. I learned about bus manufacturing, electric buses, the routes and all the bus services that are provided.

I also learned how buses form communities, friendships and allow us to live healthier lives. While choosing the bus, we are taking pressure off the environment, the health system and improving the economy.

#lovemybus has been a beautiful life experience and a milestone of my time living in Scotland. I look forward to continuing to engage people and promote positive change through buses.”